SOFT MAPLE – Acer rubrum

SOFT MAPLE – Acer rubrum

Soft Maple resembles Hard Maple but is not as heavy, hard or strong. In Michigan, Red Leaf Soft Maple is most predominant.

Its sapwood is white with less fleck than is found in trees from other regions. While Soft Maple can run wider than Hard Maple, it maintains a relatively straight grain, with the exception that “curly” is often more commonly found. The heart of Soft Maple trees is typically larger; although the color of the heartwood is lighter than that of Hard Maple.

Soft Maple is commonly found in furniture to include in the frames of upholstered furniture. While often used as a less expensive substitution for Hard Maple, Soft Maple is used in cabinets, mouldings, and other applications. Soft Maple is often stained to have a similar appearance as Cherry.

At Devereaux Sawmill:

Soft Maple is produced in 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4, 10/4 and 12/4 thicknesses.
Soft Maple is graded to 3Com & Better grades in both WHAD and WHND.
Color pulls are offered to include Sap1Face, Brown (Natural), and Unselected for color.
A “Rocky Mountain” grade sort consists of the 2Com & Better grade WHND that shows heavy worm track/holes only.
Heavy Curl pattern is pulled and offered in all thicknesses.

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