HARD MAPLE – Acer saccharum

HARD MAPLE – Acer saccharum

hard mapleBecause of recent popularity in lighter wood tones, production of Hard Maple has expanded tremendously in the past decade. The sapwood of maple is very white. In Michigan produced maple, the brown heartwood is very small and can be virtually non-existent. Hard Maple has a fine, uniform texture and turns well. It is heavy, strong, hard, stiff, and resistant to abrasion and shock. Maple is generally straight grained, but the grain can also occur as “birds-eye,” “curly,” and “fiddleback.” Hard Maple is a popular veneer and is often found in flooring, cabinets, furniture, mouldings, bowling alleys, cutting blocks, handles and woodenware.

At Devereaux Sawmill:

Hard Maple is put up in 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4 and 10/4 thicknesses.
Hard Maple is primarily produced and sold as #1&2 White Sapwood Content with 90% plus of the total boards to be completely white on both faces. We also offer a straight #1 White for the most discriminatory buyer; as well as an unselected for color, brown, and sap1face color sort with some of our grades.
Hard Maple is offered in 3Com & better grades.
Numerous width sorts of Hard Maple are available.
Rift and quartered Hard Maple is cut often and available for sale.

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