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HICKORY – Carya spp.

HICKORY – Carya spp.

hickory leafHickory is known for its strength and shock resistance. White sapwood tinged with brown and heartwood pale to reddish brown.

Bird pecks, small blemishes in the grain pattern that may contain ingrown bark, are very predominant throughout Hickory and generally not considered defects. Hickory is found in tool handles, baseball bats, skis, archery equipment, flooring, cabinets, furniture, dowels and paneling.

At Devereaux Sawmill:

Hickory is cut to 4/4 thickness.
Hickory is offered in 3Com & better grades.
Color sorting of Hickory includes a sap 2 face sort, heart (brown) 2 face, and a “calico” sort which includes a good mix of both sap and heartwood content.
A Rustic Hickory grade sort is made up of a pull from the 1/2/3ACom. Tight knots, bird peck and a mix of color are allowed. Width is typically average on this sort.

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